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LETTER: Students face mounds of debt

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EDITOR: I feel that if you have to go to school for four more years, you shouldn’t have to pay so much just to get a diploma that says, “Congratulations, you’ve graduated, and are now in debt and may or may not have a chance of a job.” Therefore, I think that these prices for school are way overpriced and a person shouldn’t have to be burdened with these costs.

Muhammed Yunus says that post-graduates shouldn’t look for a job; he says they should make their own job and become an entrepreneur. A study states that “28 per cent of Uganda is full of entrepreneurs who have made their own jobs straight out of college or university, which is two times the amount of America.”

With this newly found information it's more beneficial if you were to go into university. From a personal standpoint. I'm going to pay upwards of $7,000 for one year and I'm going for four years. That's almost $27,000 in debt, since I don't have that kind of cash on hand.

There is something we can do about this, such as petitioning or going on some sort of strike, maybe even sending a letter to the department of education specifically stating how students aren't getting the jobs they would like out of post-secondary and are going into the world with mounds of debt that they can't pay for with smaller wage jobs.

Lennie Gregory,

Souris Regional

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