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LETTER: Stroke unit staff offers best care

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I recently had the misfortune of being sent to the provincial stroke unit of the QEH for a week. I am happy to tell you that I am OK and that I was treated very well there.

The nurses and doctors are remarkable. They all showed how well they are trained. We may think care takes too long in coming to help us, but we also need to understand that they have very strict rules and regulations to follow – for very good reasons. It seems to take forever to get anything done, minutes seem like hours in the time of crisis to the patient and to their families.

However, when a code blue was called, I was totally amazed at the speed and efficiency of all the nurses and doctors on staff that night. They showed their training and professionalism in all aspects of that event.

Their sense of caring for all was apparent when a few patients wandered out of their rooms to see what was going on – they were gently helped back to their rooms, giving the rest of the staff time to work on the patient in trouble.

Their sense of compassion certainly shines through. They are truly our Guardian Angels and they care. On behalf of all patients and family, we appreciate the doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, technicians and the rest of the team.

So, if you have family or loved ones in Unit 8 rest assured they are getting the best of care.

Gary Robbins,


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