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LETTER: Spinning story over real facts

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Do our elected politicians really believe we Islanders are thick, dumb, stupid or perhaps all of the above? Minister Chris Palmer recently stated the following, “As a government, we must ensure that our programs are working to the benefit of the province.” Next, he stated, “It is clear that previous successive governments were unable to alleviate concerns.”

Chris, may I ask to which previous successive governments are you referring? Would that be the three successive Liberal governments - the two-term Ghiz Liberal government or the present MacLauchlan Liberal government? Could it not be possible the program change is due to the Canadian Border Security Service investigation?

Or possibly because more than 600 immigrants registered the same Sherwood Motel residence as their permanent Island address? Naturally all Islanders are happy the program is changing. It’s just a pity our elected officials have to spin the story rather than explaining the true facts.

F. Ben Rodgers,


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