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LETTER: Something about taxes

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The proponents of the Three Rivers amalgamation will crow about the tax savings in the new proposal. Your property and business taxes might actually decrease but there is one thing they will never tell you: Taxes never go down and if they go down, they never go down for long.

So, while we are all patting each other on the back and pocketing a couple of hundred bucks, get ready for the future. And the future under amalgamation in the long term is higher taxes and fewer services for everyone - except of course, Montague.

To give up your autonomy and self-determination for a few hundred bucks for a couple of years is a fool’s bargain. There will be negative consequences from this deal, your tax money will be spent in other communities and you will have to fight like hell to look after the services and facilities in your town (Georgetown).

So even though you are saving a couple of bucks, the decisions where this money will be spent will be made in another community. Your councillor will have very little say how these funds are allocated, because the council is weighted very heavily for Montague, Lower Montague and Brudenell.

There will be budget shortfalls and property re-assessments. The Three RIvers council will be forced to increase taxes to cover the extra administrative, operating and capital costs. None of this bodes well for Georgetown.

Richard Toms,


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