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LETTER: Sofa preferable to waiting room

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It may take a year to get an appointment with a doctor and it’s very frustrating when people do not cancel or do not show up.

Like many patients, I have waited for hundreds of hours over 50 years to see medical doctors, surgeons, dentists and optometrists in their offices. I've waited from 30 minutes to two hours and the exam room for another 15-20 minutes. Once, I actually got eight minutes attention for the physical part of a yearly check-up. A few times, I had to leave for other booked appointments. Overbooked?

In emergency, it is even worse. You must fit into a specific category, on the computer list, in triage. You may wait 5-6 hours and never see a doctor. In emergency, people often feel sicker just sitting. If I am going to die, it might as well be on my sofa. Healthy most of my life, I do not abuse the system.

Just saying, there are two sides to every complaint.

Flora J Thompson,


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