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LETTER: Situation demands immediate fixing

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I was so pleased to read the editorial on Dec.7 commenting on the situation of a mother's sadness because the Public Schools Branch (PSB) has decided that her 10-year-old son has to have the school bus pick him up either in front of the home of convicted sex offender, or have the young boy walk another kilometre down the street walking past the sexual offender's home.

It occurs to me that if any of the members of the PSB had a 10-year-old in their family in this situation they would clear up this situation immediately.

This situation can't wait another day to be corrected in a democratic society like P.E.I. If any of the Guardian readers agree with me I hope you will speak up.

I am an 82-year-old grandmother who has raised a large family and never had to face such a terrible thing as this and I hope there are other mothers, or fathers of any age who are raising families today or in the past will speak up and see that this never happens to another child for one more day on P.E.I.

Jean M. Trainor,

Clyde River

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