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LETTER: Sexual assault major concern

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I am writing about why sexual assault on university campuses is a major concern that needs to be taken seriously.

It is something that happens all the time and most often, no one talks about it.

An example is at St. Francis Xavier University, where two men got charged with sexual assault and the only reason we know about this is that the two men were football players.

As a young woman who is wanting to attend St. F.X., it kind of makes me second guess myself a bit. We all know that this happens at university all the time, but shouldn’t every case be looked at in this way?

How do you think the girl feels when the university just kicks it under the rug? She would feel like she doesn’t want to get out of bed and she wouldn’t go to classes, and as we all know that would not be good for her grades.

There are some reasons that universities can start taking this more seriously. One of the football players is still allowed on campus but only to go to classes. Imagine being a girl in his class; it would be hard to focus. And how could he even go to classes . . . everyone knows what he did.

Elizabeth MacDonald,

Souris Regional

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