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LETTER: Self checking out at robot kiosks

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I rarely shop at Superstore largely as a consequence of their dreadful customer service – a common island experience worthy of an anthropological thesis or three. Their produce prices are also grossly inflated – $3.49 today for wilted cilantro, an herb the Weston family clearly must grow in their little fairyland, in soil made of discarded gold dust.

Walmart was the store that promised to rescue us plebeians desperate for an alternative. Today, however, I witnessed large numbers of unfortunate customers staring confusedly into space as they tried to fathom how to self-checkout at one of the fifteen or so new robot-kiosks Walmart has saddled their customers with in an effort to make more money, make more money, and make more money (no matter how they try to sell it).

Who was it said: “all complacency tends to corrupt; impotence corrupts absolutely”? Islanders awaken – next thing you know your masters will have you grinding your own flour and baking your own cake. “That’ll be fifty dollars, Sir. But remember, in our inestimable generosity, we do let you eat your cake too, Sir.”

Colm Magner,


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