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LETTER: Safe, alternate power sources

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I wholeheartedly agree that we need safe, alternate power sources, rather than the use of fossil fuels. However, growing up in England during the time of a "nuclear accident" (around 1945, I believe) following which I lost several cousins, an aunt, uncle, mother, father, and sister, all dying of cancer during the next five years. I did contract that disease much later but luckily have survived so far. I am understandably sceptical of this source. Speaking with oncologists both here, in England and Australia, they all agreed that the nuclear accident may have been responsible for so many cancer cases. Where the fallout occurred, the cancer cases were higher. Having lived in Australia for 10 years I was dismayed to see so little use of solar power especially where I lived in Queensland, a state noted for so much sunshine, probably 330 days a year. I did have a solar collector installed there and found it economical and reliable. I realise P.E.I. cannot compete with Queensland's sunshine output but we do have some sunshine (believe it or not). Many years ago, the P.E.I. government gave grants to help with the purchase and installation of solar panels. I took advantage of that and found it economically viable since it greatly reduced my power bills. Why would the P.E.I. government not institute such grants again if they are serious about energy sources? Also, I urge Peter Noakes to approach our federal government with his observations and knowledge of solar power. Perhaps this might prompt some federal action.

Hilary Prince,


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