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LETTER: Russians meddling with our weather?

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On the TV evening news, we were informed by Brian Crenna, the chief meteorologist of Canada, that “heat waves are the new normal. Get use to it.” In other words, heat waves are sustainable.

In the non-technical 1978 book 'Ice or Fire: Surviving Climate Change' by D.S. Halacy Jr., on page 93 we read: 'Henry G. Houghton of the MIT Department of Meteorology said in 1958, “I shudder to think of the consequences of prior Russian discovery of a feasible method of weather control. An unfavorable modification of our climate in the guise of a peaceful effort to improve Russia's climate could seriously weaken our economy and our will to resist.”

Edward Teller told a Senate Military Preparedness Committee that the United States could become a second-class power without war if the Russians succeed in controlling weather to produce rain over their territory and deprive America of needed rain.'

Edward Teller is called 'the father of the H-bomb' and is remembered by some as the mad scientist Dr. Strangelove. Teller appears in the two-volume technical book 'Weather and Climate Modification: Problems and Prospects' by U.S. National Research Council, 1963, 1966, as a member of the 'Committee of Atmospheric Sciences' and 'Panel on Weather and Climate Modification.'

I worked with Russian scientists and asked them about Russian interest in weather control. They said that Joseph Stalin was very interested in climate modification before World War Two; Khrushchev wasn't interested but research began anew with Brezhnev.

Tony Lloyd,

Mount Stewart

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