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LETTER: Rough landing for parachutists

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Monday’s District 11 byelection was a quick call, seemingly advantageous to the ruling party. The scramble to find candidates was hardly in keeping with the so-called importance of democracy.

Having three of the four candidates coming from outside the district smacks of yesterday’s political posturing. Monday’s election winner who alone was from the voting scene probably reflects that.

Having outsiders tossed in as parachute candidates should be outlawed here as a relic of another era - immature and overpowering.

Contestants for municipal elections across P.E.I. have to live within their political square, not as outsiders. It’s time to follow that sensible pattern for MLAs as well.

Mr. Doiron stated Monday that he hopes to be back at this again some day. If so, he better do so within his own quarter next time.

Meanwhile, best wishes to so many who were involved in Monday’s political rundown, especially to the winner, as well as to the parachutists who experienced a rough landing.

Art O’Shea,


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