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LETTER: Respect for sports

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During the last few days we have heard about the lack of respect for players and staff at hockey games. Well after attending a basketball game between Charlottetown Rural Raiders and Three Oaks High School (TOSH) on Feb. 6, the same could be said. Students from TOSH had large garbage cans cover and batons that they continuously banged so loud that nothing could be heard. Not the whistles of the referees, the player counting down the shot clock or the calls of the referees.

My concern re this terrible loud noise was for people who might have seizures disorder or Autism Spectrum disorders where exceptional loud noises (and this was exceptional) would cause seizures, or outbursts so they would not be able to attend the games. I do not mind cheering, whistling clapping chanting, but this was above and beyond. No one could enjoy the game. I spoke to a parent from that area and she said it was no use to complain to the school, people had last year and nothing was done about it in fact the coaches from that school encouraged it. There was a coach from another team from the school who just stood against the wall and did nothing. I was appalled to hear coaches would limit who could attend the games because they felt this would be such a distraction they could possible win. If our schools do not make their sports inclusive in participation and or attendance, if they do not teach respect for one another what can we expect but more situation like this week, shameful behaviour. No I'm not writing this because the team I was supporting lost, they didn't.

Mary Hughes, P.E.I.

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