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LETTER: Registered nurses make a difference

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As a registered nurse for 46 years, many of them spent in Long Term Care (LTC) I was concerned and saddened to see the list of duties an RN does in LTC in the ad sponsored by P.E.I. Nurses Union.

The items stated what RNs do are far from the vital skills and education in the practice of the RN. Yes, empathy is a must in all contact with people, but without assessment, care plans will not be accurate.

There was no mention of collaboration with the many health care providers the RN works with, yet as team leaders, co-ordination of care plans and requirements such as treatments will run amiss if the RN is not fully aware of changes that are constantly happening.

Supervision was also not mentioned. All health care nursing staff has training according to their level of education and category of work but need and want supervision to provide the best care possible for those in their care. Teaching is constantly a part of the RN's work; be it the person receiving the care, family members or other staff. It is theses skills, knowledge and education that makes the difference when an RN is part of the care team and is vital to safe health care on P.E.I. - not scheduling appointments.

Mary Hughes RN BN,


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