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LETTER: Redmond knows important issues

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I am very happy Mike Redmond is running in District 11 for the New Democratic Party of P.E.I. We need Mike in the legislature. We need real fighters who will represent everyone – not just the chosen few.

It’s outrageous there are dozens of senior citizens being kept in our hospitals for months because there are no rooms available in nursing homes or community living institutions. Mike knows this issue and knows that these nursing homes should be public and not private.

Mike will also address the serious issues surrounding Employment Insurance in the province. The present situation is putting East against the West, urban versus rural, and is dividing Islanders. Mike knows that a system that pits vulnerable Islanders against other vulnerable Islanders is wrong. Mike will work for a just solution.

Access to affordable housing is a growing social problem on P.E.I. including District 11. Elected leadership on this issue is seriously lacking. Electing Mike to the P.E.I. legislature will certainly put the spotlight on housing and poverty issues in Charlottetown and across the province.

A year ago year the Liberal government held a plebiscite on electoral reform. Overwhelmingly, Islanders including the majority of voters in District 11, voted for proportional representation. The government refused to honour the vote. Electing Mike Redmond will ensure there is a strong voice for proportional representation in the legislature.

It’s time for real change. That’s why we need Mike Redmond in the legislature.

Gerard Gallant,


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