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LETTER: Re-invigorating the P.E.I. PC party

Dennis King supporters cheer during Saturday's convention at Eastlink Centre.
Dennis King supporters cheer during the February PC leadership convention at Eastlink Centre. - Nathan Rochford

The recent poll released is exciting news for the P.E.I. PC party. A great deal of gratitude should be shown to all five leaderships candidates and the work their teams did to bring new people to the party and reinvigorate members both current and past.

Dennis King, Shawn Driscoll, Allan Dale, Sarah Stewart-Clark and Kevin Arsenault allowed our party to hear a variety of views and policies that came from their respective campaigns. Policies such as the fitness/sports tax credit, increasing the personal tax exemption limit, removing tax from used cars, rural internet and bringing openness and transparency back to government. Are all wonderful things.

It’s also great to see that Shawn Driscoll is staying true to his word and seeking the nomination for District 14 Charlottetown-West Royalty. Also, Sarah Stewart- Clark is a nominated candidate. After leadership campaigns there can be lots of bruised egos, but this would suggest that the leadership camps are coming together.

The party needs to promote the next generation of Progressive Conservatives. Driscoll would join other young exceptional candidates like Sarah Stewart Clark, Kris Currie and Corey Deagle.

Progressive Conservatives need to promote more of these young candidates. They can't afford to just focus on old white men and must avoid others that get involved for their own personal enrichment.

Sarah MacDonald


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