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LETTER: Public trust not warranted

Letters to the editor
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Privacy commissioner Karen Rose finally released her report on government's mistreatment of three whistleblowers associated with the PNP program in 2011. The premier's response, capped by an unenthusiastic apology, left little doubt that the current government feels no responsibility for any action taken by its predecessor.

This is despite eleven of its caucus members retained from this administration. Continuity in the ranks of senior civil servants and Liberal party apparatus evidently does not provide grounds for any degree of accountability either.

The only explanation for this must lie in a mass epiphany shared by all these people. As to when the rubber hit the road on this path to righteousness is certainly open to conjecture. Perhaps it followed the premier’s change of heart on corporate donations to political parties.

Maybe on the heels of kicking the results of the democratic renewal plebiscite to the curb. Or possibly following the taking of the Montague manor off the table while fast tracking a new liquor store. The possibilities are limitless.

As the sitting of the legislature ground to a close, several pieces of legislation were still on the table, some of which are flawed and incomplete. They retain primary control for the minister responsible and/or the so-called executive branch of government. This presumes a generous measure of public trust. Given the current terms of engagement used by government, I don't think this trust is warranted.

Boyd Allen,


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