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LETTER: Public funds to private group

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I address all four MP's from P.E.I. when I ask for an explanation of how $750,000 was given by the federal government to P.E.I. home care because the premier and health minister are saying it can't go to the program currently running here.

This excellent home care is delivered by RNs and LPNs and allows patients to leave hospital early and safely. This is publicly funded medicare. Please tell us that Medavie is not where you want public funds to go. And if you do support privatization of health care, then I suggest you say so and resign.

I address Premier Wade MacLauchlan and all 27 MLAs when I ask; do you realize that the money is flowing through an untendered contract to a private health care company?

It's difficult to find the salary for CEO of Medavie or its board members but CEOs don't come cheap especially when they are former premiers who hand out untendered contracts. Why do we need this extra layer with its deep troughs?

The president of the P.E.I. nurses' union and the president of UPSE have loudly spoken against this assault on medicare. We know that funding has been clawed back from the home care budget. MLAs and the public hear loud hurrahs when government announces funding but no sound is made when clawbacks are made in secret that hurt our present system.

I will continue to oppose this wrong and corrupt announcement.

Lynne Thiele,


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