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LETTER: Poor selection in Stratford

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In Stratford, there is a population of almost 10,000 people and yet, there is a total of two dine-in restaurants available to the public. Stratford also has a handful of fast food locations available and I believe that restaurant owners across Prince Edward Island are missing out on a quite optimistic market niche.

Stratford is a very up and coming community with three new subdivisions currently being developed. There is an outstanding opportunity in the food industry right now and yet there hasn’t been much action to expand. Think about how much business a brand-new Wendy’s or Dairy Queen would get if they opened up a new location across the bridge?

We have already seen a big interest in the new restaurant called Pizza Corner located in the old Needs location and it is quickly becoming more popular around the community. Like myself, most people like to eat different varieties of food and with the lack of choices available in Stratford, I usually end up going to Charlottetown to spend my money.

If there were a good selection of choices it would make it easier for Stratford residents to enjoy a nice meal outside of their home or to grab something quick on a busy night. Stratford is considered to be one of the wealthier communities on Prince Edward Island and it is clear that there is a large grade of opportunity for growth in the food market.

Grant Koughan,


UPEI student

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