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LETTER: PM poor choice for Symons Medal


Who else besides me thinks that the Symons award for a 'distinguished person who contributes to Canadian life' should not go to the Prime Minister of Canada? It's the job he was elected to do and gets well paid for. I feel the award should be given to an average Canadian. But then, how could the so-called upper crust of Charlottetown ever get a personage like Trudeau to come here and lecture? And for free? And get snacks, drinks and a selfie out of it too? It's laughable.

And what does he lecture about? Some poor schmuck having to decide which child gets winter boots, neighbours helping neighbours, and the good old tried and true 'Island way of life,' which he knows nothing about.

News flash Justin - the Island way of life has been saving our collective skins for a long time before you were born and will be long after you're gone.

And then he says he can't do anything about this EI debacle on P.E.I. where one person just down the road from another can't get enough weeks from their seasonal job to get their family through the winter because of geographical boundary lines.

If the man had any real sense of humility and shame he would know better. But he doesn't and that's the real shame.

What we have to ask ourselves is: Can we afford to allow Justin Trudeau to grow up and mature on our dime? I don't think there's enough time.

Bruce MacEwen,


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