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LETTER: Plastic Free Island

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Recently on the news I heard the Minister of The Environment. Richard Brown and Leader of the Green Party of P.E.I. discussing collaborating on not using bottle water at government meetings.

This may have been a big step 25 years ago but realistically, at best, this is token politics, attempting to placate Island voters. If they are truly serious about eliminating single use plastics, I have a challenge for them and for all of us here on out Island

I challenge our political leaders, business leaders, community leaders and each one of us to step up and follow the lead of other Islands around the world such as Kelalonia, Greece; St. John Island in the Caribbean and Indonesia and become a Plastic Free Island.

Each one of us is responsible to affect positive change and to take ownership of our actions. Often our actions are not as innocent as the may appear and they can have dramatic and even deadly consequences.

Many of us have seen the horrific pictures of whales, turtles and other sea life washing up dead on beaches around the globe with their bellies full of single use plastics. This is heartbreaking and I am as responsible as the next person.

Change is possible, can happen quickly and of we have any empathy at all for our environment and the life in our oceans, change is vital.

As my grandfather often said, where is change, there is opportunity.

Here is an opportunity for Prince Edward Island to lead the change, become an innovator and set the template for others the follow. Everything made out of plastic can be made from hemp and often vegetable starches, such as potato starch. Our Island is ideal for growing both. Hemp grows four times faster than trees, remediates the soil and has thousands of uses. Here is an opportunity to grow industry, provide jobs, heal our soil and stop polluting our land and sea.

Jamie Larkin,


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