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LETTER: Planning is key

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If one of your objectives was to create a discussion concerning building height variances in the City of Charlottetown, then you succeeded in obtaining my observations. The Holman Grand Hotel appears welcoming from within. However, the facade on the building is ugly from the second story upwards and it protrudes along the streetscape like it doesn’t belong. By contrast, the apartment/condo building at the corner of Prince and Grafton Streets is an example of a building staying within the height variances permitted by our city. Charlottetown has evolved into a cruise ship destination with its historic buildings mixed in with modern restaurants and stores stretching from a beautiful waterfront. The church spires grace the skyline majestically. The restaurant patios, parks, and corner gardens enjoy warm sunshine and the sidewalks portray a vibrant city. I am very appreciative of the planning efforts of our city to maintain a well-designed city that appeals to residents and tourists.

Joanne E. MacRae, P.E.I.

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