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LETTER: P.E.I. is not a country

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MMP (mixed member proportional) supporters continually refer to three places in the world where MMP is the system of government. They are Scotland, Germany and New Zealand. The first problem with these examples is that all three are countries, not provinces. In addition, their legislatures are significantly larger, and each have a large number of political parties – some with elected members and some without.

Scotland has 5.4 million people! Scotland has 129 seats in their legislature, five parties with elected but none with a majority. After Brexit is resolved, they will vote on Scottish independence. Germany is the largest country in the European Union. It has 82 million people, its legislature has 709 members. It has seven political parties that rarely agree on anything, and presently is facing political limbo.

New Zealand has a population of 4.7 million people. There are 120 members in their legislature, and they have elections every three years. New Zealand has five parties in their legislature, eight other registered parties and abut 25 other single-issue parties. At present, they are governed by a coalition that does not include the party that has the most seats in the legislature!

Other provinces in Canada have rejected MMP. P.E.I. is not a country. MMP is less democratic, gives more power to political parties and will not lead to the changes we need in our political system. Please vote No on the second ballot in the upcoming election.

Pat Mella,

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