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There was an interesting article that appeared in both Island newspapers on Saturday (May 11). It was called ‘Canada’s cars are gas guzzlers’ and written by Blake Shaffer of Postmedia News. It caught my interest not just because of concern for climate change, but also because of what I saw in Summerside yesterday. Shaffer points to large trucks as a major reason for our failure to use gasoline more sparingly. Driving passed the local Summerside Chrysler Dodge dealership yesterday, I could barely see the actual building. It was almost completely obscured by masses of new Dodge Ram trucks. There may have been some other vehicles, but if so, I missed them! I have long advocated for a different system of registering vehicles. It should be done on a scale of fuel consumption, for example a vehicle rated as an economy vehicle (small engine) pays a lower registration fee, lower purchase tax. A vehicle not considered economical, a “gas guzzler” should pay a higher fee and higher tax. Surely this is what the carbon tax is supposed to achieve but is causing such consternation. Instead of dealers offering huge discounts on large vehicles they should be forced to recognize rebates and lower taxes on smaller economy, hybrid and electric cars.

F. Ben Rodgers,

Abram Village

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