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LETTER: Own business offers solution

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Re: Guardian article entitled, “Student opts for own business rather than part-time work.”

As a first-year university student, this article made me discover another delightful aspect of student life. There is no doubt that tuition and accommodation fees are among the major worries

of a university student. The best way for students to prevent themselves from being drowned by fees at the end of the month is to find part-time jobs. However, there is more pressure nowadays on students regarding their studies. The part-time jobs, which are usually tiring, prevent the student from focusing on his or her studies and hence, it is quite impossible to have a perfect balance between work and studies. Very often, students are chased by due dates.

Opting for one’s own business is one way to escape this vicious cycle. As a young entrepreneur, the student will not only be setting up the base of a career, but will also set a goal to his or her life. This will end insecurity among most students, regarding their future career.

This will be a long-term investment. Time will no longer be a problem as the student will be able to drop courses if he or she feels that they are not in line with the idea of the business.

Students should be encouraged to think this way, outside of the box as life is becoming more and more difficult. Competition has become more ferocious at universities as well as on job markets.

Felicite Rowan Neville


UPEI student

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