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LETTER: Open dialogue under attack

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I am writing to express my concern over the potential censorship of differing opinions within the modern university culture.

For the past couple of years, in universities across Canada and the United States, there has risen a growing sensitivity towards diversity of opinions on many controversial subject matters.

In the very institutions where young adults should be cultivated and nurtured through the spirit of civil discourse, many moderate conservative and classical liberal opinions are instead met with hostility, censorship, and sometimes, violence.

This has led to a fear of classroom discussion and exchange of ideas, which I believe is why many students are afraid to voice their opinions on any subject without coaxing by their professors.

I urge you to recall the infamous incident which occurred last November at Wilfred Laurier University. Teaching assistant Lindsey Shepherd played a video clip of Professor Jordan Peterson (a clinical psychologist, University of Toronto) expressing an opposing opinion on the usage of gender-neutral pronouns, in a live televised debate.

Shortly thereafter, a cabal of university officials reprimanded her for “violating the school’s Gendered and Sexual Violence policy,” for merely showing a different opinion which she explicitly stated she did not agree with.

I firmly believe that we must preserve the right to open debate at the University of Prince Edward Island. We are all adults; I think it is only fair to expect that we act as adults.

Ryan Durant,

UPEI Student,


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