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LETTER: On right path for success

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Growing up on the Island, a phrase I heard over and over again was ‘there are no jobs’ or ‘there’s no opportunity here for young people to stay on the island.’

While I can’t speak to years before my time, as a young Island entrepreneur I see many examples of how those phrases simply aren’t true anymore.

I’ve been a part of a growing business over the past seven years that now employs four Islanders. We earn money here on the Island and we spend that money here at home too. Recent job numbers show that we’re not the only ones.

The fact that there were nearly 3,000 more full-time jobs last year compared to 2016 is something we should all feel proud of. This means more Islanders are working and spending that money in our province. Our average unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since 1978 – four decades ago! And we had the second-highest ever number of full-time employed people.

Of course there are many people contributing to this success – entrepreneurs, dedicated employees, and a provincial government that has made economic and job growth a priority.

I hope as a province we continue down this path as it is leading to success. I’m excited to see what the future holds and fortunate that my future includes the opportunity to live and do business in such a great province.

Coltin Handrahan

Owner, Golden Custom Clothing

Darlington Road

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