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LETTER: Oct. 31 deadline for public accounts

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I want to thank Alan Holman for his piece this past Saturday on our province’s financial position. A strong economy and responsible management of tax dollars are crucial to the success of our province now, and for our children and grandchildren.

As a government, we continue to work with our business community to grow our workforce, the availability of jobs, and wages. We have the highest minimum wage in Atlantic Canada, and this week we announced that we are increasing the basic personal tax exemption by another $500, for a total of $1,000 this year. We are able to accelerate these benefits thanks to the fact our province is doing well economically and fiscally.

To answer Mr. Holman’s question regarding why the public accounts were made public on Wednesday, Oct. 31, it was because that’s what’s required by law. In fact, our government passed the legislation to increase transparency and accountability so that taxpayers are told earlier in the year the state of the province's finances.

We all have a role to play in making our province even stronger. I want to thank all Islanders for their hard work and dedication in this shared success.

Heath MacDonald,

Minister of Finance

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