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LETTER: No news, good news for P.E.I. premier


Just recently an email turned up unexpectedly at the legislative assembly. It was quite unintentional, apparently just got mixed in with some files.  

The email was a directive from the premier that the cabinet should only release good news announcements over the next few weeks. This was to hopefully improve the Liberals standing in the upcoming June poll.
In the last poll the premier and his crew had done very poorly indeed. Releasing good news items was an attempt to manipulate and raise their polling numbers. Then the premier announced the hiring of 27 new teaching positions, a good news announcement, eh! Strangely nothing was in the recent budget about this new hiring? Does this mean that tiny but loudly hailed surplus is now gone?
The other side of this good news announcement must have thrown cold water on it. The Kinkora High School students walked out of class on June 5 to protest the cutting of staff position at their school. At the same time another crowd of protesters arrived at the Stratford School Board offices with a similar protest.
So much for the premier’s good news! Maybe he should stick with "no news is good news"? Better still, why not try to be honest and transparent like you said you'd be during the election campaign? Now that would be good news.

F. Ben Rodgers,


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