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LETTER: No justification for MLA removal

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Peter Bevan-Baker is to be commended for standing his ground in the legislature and refusing to retract his statement. A statement in which he criticized his fellow MLA's for not being prepared to take part in meaningful debate about such important issues as the Water Act.

As I understand it, he referred to the process as a “farce” and was rewarded for his honesty in expressing his concerns by being removed from the Legislative Assembly.

I wonder what the Liberal ruling party's justification for Dr. Bevan-Baker's “removal” was? The words “disrespect” and “unparliamentary” were thrown around.

Is it then disrespectful to expect our MLA's to give due consideration to issues raised in the Assembly? Is it unparliamentary or undemocratic to express one's views in the House of Assembly? Was it the use of the word “farce” which Webster's dictionary defines as a “travesty; a dramatic representation intended only to amuse”?

It is sad that the elected Liberals feel so threatened by an opposition member's truthful observations that they resort to this type of retaliation. In doing so, they simply proved Bevan-Baker's point that our government is indeed, at times, a farce.

Let us hope for greener pastures with our next government.

Jean Dieckow,

St. Chrysostome

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