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LETTER: No food access in emergency

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Once having had cause to wait more than seven hours at the QEH's Emergency Room (the notice on the TV screen said the wait was one hour) I was very hungry and thirsty having left the house without any breakfast. I was surprised that there was no access to food unless one left Emergency and lost one's place there to seek out food elsewhere in the hospital.

It would seem obvious that someone with a cart bearing these items would be available to patients waiting for help.

It would also be helpful if there were a seat outside Emergency in case patients who were not at risk of losing their place could come outside and sit for a minute. Alternatively it would always be wise to carry water and perhaps a snack when having to visit Emergency if one is aware enough at the time when leaving the house.

I brought both concerns to the director of the hospital at the time without result. Perhaps things have now changed. I am fortunate not to have had to use Emergency for a while so I don't know.

Apart from this lack of service I am very grateful and pleased with the excellent medical care available at QEH.

Hilary Prince,


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