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LETTER: Nipping fiasco in the LCC bud

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I refer to the Guardian article 'Kombucha crackdown' dated January 27th. Kudos to Teresa Wright, the Guardian and Minister Heath MacDonald for nipping in the bud the kombucha fiasco by allowing the restaurant My Plum, My Duck to continue to sell this drink that is considered to promote good health pending a review of section 71 of the P.E.I. Liquor Control Act in the spring or fall session of the P.E.I. Legislature.

Evidently, former finance minister Allen Roach last April asked the liquor commission to review the liquor act for the first time in 40 years, and to date there have been no review results forthcoming.

It is fortunate that the next provincial election could be close enough that the liquor act review now has some urgency opposite public opinion and businesses and employees do not suffer due to kombucha alcoholic content being probably less than point 5 per cent, which would have been ridiculous.

John R. Shakespeare,


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