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Islanders are becoming more aware of the gaps in the delivery of health services in P.E.I. Recent examples have been a wait of 13 hours in an emergency room and the May 4 Guardian front-page story about a young man seeking help for mental health issues. Unfortunately, disturbing incidents of this nature are increasingly common. I believe front-line staff do their best to provide quality care and service while working within a system that seems to be ‘broken.’ Since its inception, Health P.E.I. has become a bureaucracy onto itself – lacking in public accountability and unable to truly engage with Islanders. Based on my review of the Health Services Act, the minister of health has the authority and accountability to implement changes in the delivery of health services in P.E.I., including the establishment of a provincial health plan and targets. I urge the new minister to use his authority to address areas of our system that are obviously broken, while ensuring front-line staff (and community-based service providers) have the support and resources they need to provide quality care to Islanders. Who from Health P.E.I. is going to reach out to help the courageous young man whose story appeared on the front page of the Guardian on May 4?

Bill Noseworthy,


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