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LETTER: Need to earn trust in food

Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor - SaltWire Network

I would like to clarify a few points in the recent opinion article regarding the newly formed Farm & Food Care P.E.I. and related work.

The spirit of Farm & Food Care Canada was created as a charity led by farmers back in 2010. They identified the need to earn trust in food and farming by providing credible information and listening to consumers. Those same farmers also felt to be most effective the whole food supply chain should work together, including government and academics, in a uniquely Canadian approach. This same spirit will live on with Farm & Food Care P.E.I., with local conversations and leadership.

Nationally, Farm & Food Care Canada transitioned to the Canadian Centre Food Integrity (CCFI) in April 2017. CCFI’s mandate is to help the Canadian food system earn trust, which starts with understanding Canadians’ concerns and questions about their food. In addition to the companies mentioned, CCFI is funded by a broad cross section of hundreds of individual donors (many farmers), program funders and members, all listed publicly in our annual report.

Anyone with an interest in public trust and advancing credible information to help Canadian’s make informed decisions about their food is most welcome to the table to donate or join the conversation anytime.

Crystal Mackay,


The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity

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