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LETTER: My memories of June 6, 1944

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My memories are much different from the brave soldiers that landed in Normandy. My beach was in Padstow, Cornwall (England). I arrived in Padstow in mid-April 1944. The village was a restricted zone. We needed special permission to enter, and once in, were not allowed to leave. My sister's husband belonged to the Victor Naval Commando Units training in preparation for June 6th, 1944. Of course, no one in the village had any idea at the time the beaches around the village were similar to Normandy beaches. The commandos were practicing driving landing craft onto the beach at high speed. No one knew the purpose of training. The commandos left shortly before D-Day. My sister and I had to remain until late June before receiving permission to return home to London. We were in for a big shock. The house we rented rooms in was gone. A victim to one of the first V1 flying bombs (doddlebugs). We lost everything but the clothes we were wearing and one small suitcase. However, we had survived and had we not been in Padstow, I probably wouldn’t be here to write this story.

F. Ben Rodgers,

Abram Village

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