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The province of P.E.I., with its very small population of some 140,000 people (the size of a small city), also has a very small legislature of 27 MLAs each representing a district of some 5,000 people. In comparison, an Ontario MLA represents some 110,000 people. So the bottom line is P.E.I. is grossly over-governed.

A solution to this problem would be legislature of 14 independently elected MLAs, each representing a district and working together to make P.E.I. better. In addition, there would be an elected premier of the province, not necessarily representing a district, but for breaking a tied vote. There would be no political party involvement. The premier would form the government (as always done).

The type of government would be similar to a municipal or Nunavut consensus-style government. It should work well with a small population like in P.E.I. There would be no concerns about majority or coalition governments, backroom deals and patronage. Many people are dissatisfied with the FPTP (first-past-the-post) system (unrepresentative) and may also be with the MMP (mixed member proportional) system (representative but coalition).

I agree with Kevin Jenkin’s letter (MMP can make a difference, April 5) that change is inevitable, and I will vote yes in the upcoming referendum. It is a first step in the right direction.

Bill Frederiksen


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