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LETTER: MLAs must start paying fair share

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Every elected P.E.I. MLA is entitled to severance pay, should they leave of their own accord, resign, or are defeated in an election. They are entitled to one month of pay for every year they have been elected up to one year’s full salary for a regular MLA. P.E.I. politicians, both Liberal and Conservative, have bilked the taxpayers of over $1 million in severance packages as well as many more dollars from other made- in- P.E.I. perks. Most other severance packages offer one week’s pay for each year of employment up to a maximum of 26 weeks.

If a P.E.I. politician is aged 57, they can start collecting their gold- plated pensions that we, the taxpayers, have completely paid for. They do not have to pay taxes on the first $12,000. Are the taxpayers paying those taxes? When they quit and can show just cause, MLAs can also collect EI.

Why do taxpayers pay for MLAs pensions when many taxpayers themselves cannot afford their own plan? MLAs have to start paying their fair share. Why does an appointed government employee receive two years’ pension for each year worked?

Which political party will actually clean up the greed of past and present politicians? In the 2015 throne speech Premier Wade MacLauchlan pledged a review of MLA compensation and benefits, including proposals to reduce transitional allowances. Since 2015 over $750,000 has been awarded in severance to MLA’s. Mr. Premier when are you going to live up to your pledge?

Gary A. O. MacKay,

Birch Hill

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