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LETTER: Mistakes made on P.E.I. court

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I support the Mi’kmaq appealing the decision over Mill River. I was highly critical of justices on the Supreme Court of P.E.I. making

too many mistakes and I believe the Liberals didn't act in good faith to sell Mill River and the Mi’kmaq weren't properly consulted.

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I opposed the removal of the Amherst and Cornwallis statues so people can learn about atrocities. I think the Mi’kmaq should

erect a statute of Wade MacLauchlan sneaking away with the deed with Mill River.

The deal with the MiKmaq is part of an ongoing dictatorship by Liberals, against people on social assistance, people with mental illnesses

and the decision by Liberals to reject Mixed Member Proportional Representation. The province is using taxpayers’ money to defend

their decisions are a conflict of interest.

John W. A. Curtis,


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