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LETTER: Missing links still missing


You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. Evolution science speaks of generalities and millions of years of evolution with no concrete dates or exact science. The missing links still remain missing. The Bible on the other hand has exact dates and can be traced back in history with real events showing the way.

Now there are ministers who do not believe the first 11 chapters of Genesis but believe the rest. How unbelievable is that? Who ever heard of building a house on sand? These ministers have very little faith.

Doug Perry in his letter to the editor December 9 cannot get his facts straight. "Is Genesis History" was produced by Thomos Purifoy Jr. an independent filmmaker. Doug makes broad false statements (none of the "creation" scientists work can pass peer review). Doug does not know how science actually works and the biggest brainwashing in modern history (evolution) is perpetuated by science.

Doug you are not alone in your beliefs. Please read " The Emperor's New Clothes." Evolution is the emperor's new clothes. The evolution bandwagon is about to crash and mankind, who has rejected God for science, has no excuse. I suppose Doug doesn't believe Jesus Christ was an actual historical person. We celebrate his birthday December 25 (the Saviour of the world.) Merry Christmas.

Ron Jenkins,


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