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To Stratford Town Council, water is a need. Sewer service is needed. Metering on these services is most affecting those who are poor and homeowners at the same time – seniors and dreamers – discriminatingly, in my opinion. I do assume that anyone who has overstretched their ability to absorb unexpected increases to expenses will also be worrying. Do you expect these people to return to the Saturday night bath that some of us remember, in order to reduce expenses and assist in water conservation? How much does each flush cost? Do you wish to promote a return to the under-bed tea cup or the little old shack out back? Seniors will be among those worst hit, in my opinion. What pensions they have are increased at pre-set rates. Those rates are less than the 12 per cent and 12.5 per cent rate increases they will need to pay for water and sewer services in Stratford, if my calculations are close to being correct. These increases will impact upon the food or drug question faced by many. Not very positively either, is my thought. It is my understanding that various levels of government consider seniors remaining at home instead of entering institutions as the preferred option. If seniors can’t afford to live in their own home – in a healthy manner (enough bread and water) – will the sale of the home be considered as helping to relieve the Island housing issue? Sending the old folks to the home may become the new mantra for governments. The spin put on the reasoning for metering was conservation and the ability to notate any leaks. In Stratford, it is incumbent upon the home owner to verify there are no leaks. After I read the related instructions, I think some people may find this a daunting task. I also think that Stratford makes more money if residents don’t notice the leaks. No wonder the onus is on the resident.

Does the current mayor toe the "Not a tax grab" line?

Mike Gleason


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