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LETTER: Making the grade with assessments

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Thursday morning’s Guardian carried an item on recent provincial assessment results. (Guardian, “Making the grade”, November 9). I find the results interesting but am not clear as to their significance in terms of improving education in P.E.I.

The key issues in math competency, it seems, are the range and level of outcomes or skills demonstrated by each student; the current system does focus on these very well.

According to my count, Grade 9-12 math has about 60 specific outcomes; why not list all outcomes on report cards and simply report from time to time on a student’s progress on each?

Such an approach cuts through all the detail of course descriptions, numbering and averaging, and would probably free up time for actual instruction; the approach would also provide employers and postsecondary institutions with the detail they seem to need.

Some education systems are already doing this with positive results.

Perhaps it’s worth a pilot on P.E.I.

Don Glendenning,

A long time student of education

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