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LETTER: Lunar New Year

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I am a Vietnamese student on P.E.I. and I find your article (“More than 400 celebrate Lunar New Year with P.E.I.’s Vietnamese community,” Feb. 3) is very touching and truly reflected the values of Vietnamese’s Lunar New Year as well as the Vietnamese people. I am writing this letter to express my gratitude toward your article and to share more about Vietnamese culture.

Firstly, your article has profoundly shown the value of our Lunar New Year. In Vietnam, it is the time for us to get together, to talk about what we’ve done in the previous year and to give each other best wishes for the coming year, so it means luck is for everyone and from one to another. In addition, the interviews and pictures in your article show the values we appreciate. Tradition and culture are our core values and are always transferred between generations. Your picture of the Vietnamese traditional dance performance is really stunning. The dance performance requires a lot of cooperating and solidarity. It is also another core value of education in our culture. Throughout our history of being invaded and building our country, Vietnamese people are always proud of our solidarity. A lot of people had gathered to cook a significant amount of food, enough for everyone at the party. Their only goal is to do their best to bring the flavor of home to everyone. On the Island, students in particular and newcomers in general always receive a lot of support from others. In our community, we have different departments such as education, finance, integration, etc. to help Vietnamese people with any problem they may face. In conclusion, on behalf of all Vietnamese people living on P.E.I., I want to say thank you for your article. It shows every reader the rapid growth of the Vietnamese community on P.E.I. and especially to us, it means our culture is recognized and respected.

Hoai Nam Tran (UPEI student),


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