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LETTER: Low wage earners can’t afford Airbnbs

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The Island is only so big; we can’t stretch it. I’m surprised that with all the apartment complexes that get building approval, none of them address the affordable housing crisis we face. We will eventually run out of room to build anything.

We need to be more strategic on what is built here. What we don’t need is another fast-food restaurant if there’s an identical one five minutes down the road.

If you don’t need dynamite to blast the land before developing how structurally sound is it? When was the last survey done?

You’re putting the minimum wage earner in a very awkward position to rent these buildings that they can’t afford because there’s no other options. Which leaves them less money to buy food and having to rely on food banks just to survive. With an election looming my vote will be for the person addressing and alleviating the affordable housing crisis, not corporate greed.

Tamara MacDonald,


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