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LETTER: Losing doctor worries residents

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I am past president of the Borden-Carleton Seniors' Club, I write this letter with those members in mind. We've had a doctor stationed in Crapaud - Dr. Visser - for a number of years. Dr. Visser retired from his post in June and was replaced by Dr. Giordani. Dr. Giordani continued Dr. Visser's service to the delight of all.

Unofficial news have reached us now that Dr. Giordani will take leave at the end of the year, settling in the Charlottetown area, far from the areas of East Prince and West Queens. That leaves all of us with no doctor. This information was procured from 'the man on the street' in Borden-Carleton.

Borden-Carleton residents have long sought a resident doctor to no avail. We've applied for a Nurse Practitioner and that went awry. There has got to be doctors or nurse practitioners available out there. At this stage of the game we'll take almost anything.

We live in a complex of apartments, numbering three, and when an emergency arises we will have problems.

It doesn't make a difference when asking a member of the legislature regarding this ongoing problem, you get negative responses. We can't understand why Premier MacLauchlan and his cronies don't look our way. We'll know which way to look come election day.

Ralph MacDonald,


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