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LETTER: Little action on intersection

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In reading that the incumbent would seek nomination to continue as the representative of Ward Five, Hillcrest-Platte River, I note that in his comments with regard to his priorities the councillor spoke of a plan to enhance development in the north end of our municipality. By doing a better job of managing traffic flow?

My question for this councillor is: What have you done as a councillor in the past four years to remedy the dangerous intersection(s) at Pope Road and Central Streets?

Since this very dangerous intersection is located in "Ward Five," I find it curious that the incumbent did not seek the support of mayor and council to join him in an effort to correct this hazard to motorists and pedestrians that has been neglected for more than 20 years.

The statement by this councillor that he has not missed a council meeting during his term is curious. You see, as someone who served on the first city council, I don't get the point. Is that not why we elect folks in the first place?

In closing, let me remind this councillor of the pledge he made to hold regular, frequent meetings with residents of the ward, to listen to their concerns. When I would inquire about this, most of the voters who reside in Ward Five would reply that "we have never seen this man." I say, it is incumbent that we as citizens exercise our franchise and vote.

Elmer H. Williams,


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