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LETTER: Line of duty

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Close to 1,000 police officers have died in the line of duty in Canada since 1867. Police officers can join that list in a split second. So why do some people have hatred towards officers? The sight of red and blue lights in your mirror can be an intimidating situation. Police are there to serve and protect. These committed officers put their lives on the line in ways no other person can. They miss spending time with their families to serve you and are there at your time of distress come hell or high water. Sure, there can be a few bad apples. Nonetheless, their job is to keep the community and the people within safe. Officers are readily available at a moment’s notice. Respect needs to be put forth on these individuals when they could be home enjoying a family dinner; or their child’s birthday party. They are responding to a car accident, burning house, or worse, a fatality. Imagine going to work knowing there is a strong possibility you will not make it back. You will not have that problem in a cubical. Police officers live this fear each day they wear their uniform. Whether you hate law enforcement or not. I can guarantee that when you need them, they will come and provide their service. Law enforcement is the backbone of this country.

Blake MacMaster (UPEI student),


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