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LETTER: Liberals will do anything to stay in power

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I am outraged and discouraged with the erosion of democracy under this current administration.  First, they did not follow the will of the voters on the first proportional representation plebiscite. Then they came up with a convoluted plan for the next referendum, putting someone in charge who explained it in a way to confuse the voters. Finally, they are obviously behind the if you don't understand it, vote no contingent who. We have received two professional, albeit distorted, fliers in the mail and there are large costly billboards around the Island. Who is monitoring these funding limits? Oh right, the Liberals.

Next, they called the election to coincide with the Easter holidays and only just announced the pre-polling days and polling places, with no advertising so far to inform the electorate.  Furthermore, the original absentee ballot process was made to be virtually impossible for the voter and the new process, I assume developed under pressure, is little better. I would venture to say that there will be almost no absentee ballots to be counted. The Republicans could take lessons from the voter suppression tactics of this government.

The only consolation I have is that I am not the only one mad as heck and can see through this administration's tactics to do anything to stay in power.

Jane Thomas,

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