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LETTER: Liberals are all talk on climate change

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Letter to the editor

A recent headline for one of the Liberal's flak pieces in the Guardian was (Liberals Talk Climate Change, effluent, April 9) probably one of the most honest statements they have made recently. They talk and they talk, but it's just talk. They don't walk the walk. Their primary strategy seems to be multiple expensive consultant studies which regurgitate their fixation with meeting goals 32 years from now (2050). Of course, the attraction of that date is that they will all be dead and will not have to answer for the damage which their temporizing has done in the intervening years. In the meantime, no greenwashing bamboozling is too outlandish for their purposes.

They promise help for residential solar. Of course, they have been in power for the past 12 years and have done absolutely nothing except collude with Maritime Electric to retard the development of residential solar. So should we believe the facts of the past decade or the empty promises of a party which will say anything to hold onto power?

Harry Smith,


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