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LETTER: Let's be clear

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It’s quite interesting (if not disturbing), to hear MMP (mixed member proportional representation) supporters such as Mr. Hans Connor (The Guardian, March 14 guest opinion) continue to reference the 2016 plebiscite as some sort of overwhelming public support of an MMP change to our electoral system. What we don’t see and what they purposely avoid stating is that the voter turnout in the 2016 plebiscite was only 36 per cent and, those supporting MMP only represented 18.9 per cent of all eligible voters on Prince Edward Island. Surely to goodness we wouldn’t want our provincial government to have made such a wholesale change to our democratic process based on the wishes of only 18 per cent of the population.

It’s also interesting (and again disturbing), that the very group that continues to complain about the fairness of an election result that sees a party form government with as little as 41 per cent of the popular vote, is the same group that continues to try and convince the voting public that MMP should have been adopted following the 2016 plebiscite when only 18 per cent of the eligible voters made that choice.

For the undecided voters in the upcoming referendum, we urge you not to be swayed by these tactics of omission. MMP is a radical and dangerous change to our electoral system; it’s also very confusing and extremely complicated. It is our hope that voters will study the immediate and long-term ramifications of such an electoral change and for the sake of our democratic process, Vote NO.

John Barrett (No What To Vote),


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