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LETTER: Lent a time to seek direction

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We elders always want to help youth in their searching. Do become serious learners and do search for the truth. We must realize the enemy is trying, even succeeding in tearing apart families. It's sad and scary to watch parents giving over, even infants, to the state. Parents, every child is a God-given gift put into your hands to love and nurture to mature adulthood. You are to be their main educators.

Lent is well upon us - wonderful 40 days to stop and think and listen patiently for directions. A time of penance to deny ourselves. Be kind to people around us. Since February 14th, Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, weren't we all looking forward to signs of spring? The calendar says March 21 but we can wonder – different winter again. Lent is a time to ask God's help to believe.

I suggest that we, who are so blessed by God, may have to lower our standard of living to be able to pay more attention to those who don't have it so good? Should our native peoples in Canada have to go to such lengths to have their sufferings heard? Would we like to be walking in their shoes?

Lent is such a time of hope, despite all the gloom around us. If we do our part, God always does His part. May we all be blessed with the new life that the risen Jesus wants to give us at this holy time. A happy spring too.

Eileen Brown,


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