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LETTER: Legislature should reflect every vote

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It's true that P.E.I. isn't a country. It's also true that it not being a country has no bearing on what electoral system being used. A legislature should reflect how the people voted, whether there were 100 votes or 1,000,000. It's nonsense to say that proportional representation is less democratic than FPTP. In what way is giving a party that received 40 per cent of the vote a majority government democratic? They are allowed to do whatever they want while being supported by a minority of the population. If people don't want the legislature to reflect them, that's fine if strange. Just don't pretend that "democracy" is a concern because there's nothing democratic in a party that receives 40 per cent of the vote being controlling a majority of legislature. This is true at every level of government. Legislature should reflect how people voted, and if that means that areas with greater population density have increased representation then so be it. The people need to be represented accurately in legislature.

Ryan Faulds,


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